Virgo Area: von NGC 4535 bis M 49

colour image

Author: Norbert Reichmann


NGC 4535

Author: Norbert Reichmann



Author: Norbert Reichmann


more Glx

Author: Norbert Reichmann

B/PS bulge NGC4469

Author: Norbert Reichmann

Beachten sie den B/PS bulge (boxy / peanut-shaped bulge) der Galaxie NGC 4469, gemeint ist die x-förmige Bulge-Struktur,

dies deutet auf extreme dreidimensionale Strukturen und zylindrischer Rotationskomponente hin.

Please note the B/PS bulge (boxy / peanut-shaped bulge, it means the "x-shaped" bulge-structure) of NGC 4469, it shows extremly three dimensional structures and cylindrical rotation


object type: NGC 4535, Typ: SBc; M49, Typ: E; NGC 4519, Typ: SBcd; NGC 4492, Typ: Sa; NGC 4488, Typ: SB0a; NGC 4469, Typ: SB0a

[S spiral / A kein Balken, absence of central bar / B Balken, bar / SB Balkenspirale, barred spiral / SAB mixed structureS0 linsenförmige Struktur, lenticular structure / abcd Entwicklungsstadium, stage]


camera and telescope: Apogee Alta U16M, LZOS TMB Apo 130 / 1200

chip-temperature, binning: -32°C, 1x1 all channels

filter: Astrodon Luminance and Johnson/Cousins photomteric bands  R V  B

mount and guiding: Losmandy G11, Gemini 2000, off-axis Lodestar guiding

exposure (subexposure) time: Lum 225min (900sec), R V B  a` 90min (600sec)

image calibration and processing: Maxim DL, PS


date of exposure: 28.03., 12.04., 17.05., 19.05.2012